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Practice Areas

Complex Civil Litigation and Construction Law

At Rogan Miller Zimmerman our civil litigation attorneys pride themselves in achieving results which are delivered with knowledge, experience and efficiency. We represent individuals and businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia in litigation and mediation proceedings.  

 Our goal is to conduct and conclude litigation to produce the client’s goals quickly and in an economically efficient manner.  

Corporate and Business Law

Rogan Miller Zimmerman's depth and breadth of business knowledge, exceptional services, and competitive rates have made the firm one of the most reliable firms offering corporate and business legal services in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. We have earned our reputation as a highly responsive business partner, and our skilled attorneys represent a wide range of business entities including professional practices, construction companies, technology firms, family-owned businesses, franchises, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

Divorce and Family Law

Domestic relations and divorce require an understanding of the client's marriage, the family relationships, and the financial intricacies that are a part of the marital relationship. Rogan Miller Zimmerman provides clients with counsel regarding these complex issues.  Rogan Miller Zimmerman provides invaluable assistance in a number of divorce related legal areas, including:
Marital Settlement Agreements

Retirement and Deferred Compensation

Child Custody and Visitation

Child Support 

Spousal Support (Alimony) 



Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC is a law firm offering bankruptcy legal services. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We also help creditors pursue their rights to collect funds due to them. Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC offers a full array of creditor rights services to businesses. Our lawyers have represented both large institutions and individual creditors with the same exemplary service and competence.  For more specific information on how these rights can be applied to your situation, please contact Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC Regardless of the size of the client or the intricacies of the matter, the creditor rights attorneys at Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC are prepared to attack the issues to achieve favorable results. We offer experienced creditor rights representation combined with economic efficiency.

Real Estate and Land Use


It has often been said that one’s house is the largest single investment many will have during their lifetime. As such, protecting that investment should be of paramount concern. This includes matters as common as purchase and sale transactions, but can also lead into issues of ownership, rental and title.

The attorneys at Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC have extensive experience with real estate law. Since the early 1990’s Mr. Zimmerman has served on the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar, a group of about three dozen attorneys throughout Virginia who report to the State Bar and the Virginia Supreme Court. During that time he served on the Board of Governors and authored articles in its well-respected publication the Fee Simple. He has also been designated as a Commissioner in the local Court to hear cases, usually involving real estate matters, and he has testified as an expert witness at trial.

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate

 An effective Estate Plan will help to organize your assets, decide how those assets will be distributed at your death, and to whom they will be distributed. By engaging in meaningful Estate Planning with our attorneys, you can make the decisions that will assure your family peace and financial security.
Our attorneys can help you with all of your estate planning and administration (probate) needs. Our lawyers handle all aspects of the estate planning process, from drafting the simplest Will to the larger and more complex estate plan.
If you take the appropriate action by planning now we can help you minimize any potential estate tax liability and avoid unintended consequences in the distribution of your assets. Many of our clients have benefitted by both our business advice and our Estate Planning advice as the two topics often overlap.