Wills/Trusts and Estates

An effective Estate Plan will help to organize your assets, decide how those assets will be distributed at your death, and to whom they will be distributed. By engaging in meaningful Estate Planning with our attorneys, you can make the decisions that will assure your family peace and financial security.

Our attorneys can help you with all of your estate planning and administration (probate) needs. Our lawyers handle all aspects of the estate planning process, from drafting the simplest Will to the larger and more complex estate plan.

If you take the appropriate action by planning now we can help you minimize any potential estate tax liability and avoid unintended consequences in the distribution of your assets. Many of our clients have benefitted by both our business advice and our Estate Planning advice as the two topics often overlap.

No two cases or clients are alike and Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC would therefore welcome the opportunity to provide you with an initial consultation to review your goals for your family and the distribution of your assets and to craft the Estate Plan that best suits your unique situation.  You can advance your case most effectively by completing the attached form and bringing it your initial free consultation.

Estate Planning - An Overview

The basic documents to any Estate Plan may include:
  • A Last Will and Testament
  • A Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
  • An Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will) with Health Care Power of Attorney
  • A Revocable Living Trust
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