Real Estate and Land Use

It has often been said that one’s house is the largest single investment many will have during their lifetime. As such, protecting that investment should be of paramount concern. This includes matters as common as purchase and sale transactions, but can also lead into issues of ownership, rental and title.

The attorneys at Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC have extensive experience with real estate law. Since the early 1990’s Mr. Zimmerman has served on the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar, a group of about three dozen attorneys throughout Virginia who report to the State Bar and the Virginia Supreme Court. During that time he served on the Board of Governors and authored articles in its well-respected publication the Fee Simple. He has also been designated as a Commissioner in the local Court to hear cases, usually involving real estate matters, and he has testified as an expert witness at trial.

Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC is fully capable of prosecuting or defending cases that deal with real estate matters, including issues involving title, clouds on title, adverse possession, and zoning.