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Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC is a law firm offering bankruptcy legal services. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We also help creditors pursue their rights to collect funds due to them.  Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC offers a full array of creditor rights services to businesses. Our lawyers have represented both large institutions and individual creditors with the same exemplary service and competence.  For more specific information on how these rights can be applied to your situation, please contact Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC Regardless of the size of the client or the intricacies of the matter, the creditor rights attorneys at Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC are prepared to attack the issues to achieve favorable results. We offer experienced creditor rights representation combined with economic efficiency.

Rogan Miller Zimmerman, PLLC’s bankruptcy legal department is comprised of the following attorneys:
Bankruptcy - An Overview

No two cases are the same and that is why a private consultation is recommended. Miller Zimmerman, PLC represents both those in need of the protections and remedies available under the Bankruptcy Code, and those creditors whose rights and remedies are protected under the Bankruptcy Code. For basic bankruptcy information click here.

For information about our local Bankruptcy Court click here.